Why encapsulate?

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has honored the placenta as a powerful and invaluable part of the postpartum healing process for thousands of years. After giving birth many new mothers experience blood loss, fatigue, and a drop in their high pregnancy hormones; all of which are thought of as key factors in the development of the “baby blues” and postpartum depression (PPD). Full of Qi, life energy, the placenta aids in postpartum wellness by replenishing your system with natural iron & protein and helps reintroduce these essential hormones back into your system.

The “baby blues” affects the majority of women. It is so common that it is not even considered a disorder.

Symptoms are mood instability, weepiness, sadness, lack of concentration, anxiety and feelings of dependency.

All this is caused by rapid hormonal changes, fatigue and sleep deprivation and the physical and emotional stress of giving birth and caring for a newborn.

Using the placenta for its medicinal properties during the postpartum period is a natural & healthy way you can help alleviate these symptoms.

The placenta not only has a crucial function while you’re baby is growing inside of you but also has amazing abilities during the postpartum period. It can heal, sustain, and strengthen.

Placenta capsules can help to:

  • balance your hormones
  • enhance milk supply
  • increase your energy
  • recover more quickly from birth
  • bring the body back into balance
  • Prevent the “baby blues”
  • Shorten postpartum bleeding
  • Assist the uterus to return to size
  • Increase postpartum iron levels

Methods of encapsulation

Steamed method

Cooking the placenta is an integral part of the formation and action of the medicine. The placenta is gently steamed, sliced thin and dehydrated. It is then ground into a powder and put into capsules. Adding heat to the placenta is part of what makes steamed style encapsulation unique. In Chinese medicine raw foods are generally considered cooling. Within the TCM framework, raw placenta is considered cooling and isn’t recommended in as a general rule for the tonifying purposes of nourishing blood and restoring energy.

Some women prefer to skip the steaming process and have their placenta encapsulated raw. Enzymes are lost when food is heated above 118 degrees and it is possible that the hormonal content is also reduced when cooking. For these capsules, we gently clean and slice the placenta into thin strips. These are dehydrated at a low heat until dry, ground into a powder and encapsulated.

Raw method

Placenta that is dehydrated raw is a very different medicine then the TCM preparation. Women have called these capsules “happy pills” and report phenomenal energy levels while taking them. Raw placenta is extremely high in hormones such as progesterone and oxytocin. Midwives have traditionally used fresh placenta to stop bleeding immediately postpartum by slicing off a piece of the maternal side and having the mother put this between her cheek and gums. The high hormone levels cause the uterus to close down and bleeding is diminished.

A placenta that is processed raw will yield slightly more capsules than a steamed one.

This method might not work for women with higher anxiety levels who have trouble sleeping.


Placenta tincture is made from a small piece of the placenta which is submerged into alcohol.

This mother tincture can later be used to make different potencies of homeopathic remedies. This is especially helpful once the placenta capsules are used up or to give to your baby.


  • Encapsulation: $200 (either raw or the steamed)
  • Tincture: $60
  • A $25 ($35 outside of Edmonton) pick up/ delivery fee applies if clients don’t want to or can’t drop off the placenta.