The spark of inspiration to become a doula was ignited with the pregnancy of my first child.

Throughout my whole pregnancy I felt very clear about what I wanted and the options I had. I had the support of a wonderful midwife in Vienna, Austria, who was there for the births of my first two children.

I now know how fortunate I was to feel so in tune with my body and my baby and to have such amazing support. Later on I realized that pregnancy is not always easy for women and is sometimes overshadowed by unsupportive or non-empathic caregivers. Fear and insecurity sometimes grow stronger in a pregnant woman than intuition and trust in one’s body and the natural birthing process.

My passion and purpose is to help you find or strengthen this connection with yourself and your baby and to educate you about the birthing process so that you can take charge of your birth experience. My personal experience of giving birth to four beautiful children inspired me to educate, hold space, empower and support women on this significant and life-transforming journey.

As your doula, I want to help you give birth in security and with confidence. This is your birth and your experience and I want to support it in any way I can.

How I can help