Methods of encapsulation

Steamed method

The placenta is gently steamed, sliced thin and dehydrated. It is then ground into a powder and put into capsules. Adding heat to the placenta is part of what makes steamed style encapsulation unique. In Chinese medicine raw foods are generally considered cooling.

Raw method

Women have called these capsules “happy pills” and report phenomenal energy levels while taking them. Raw placenta is extremely high in hormones such as progesterone and oxytocin. Midwives have traditionally used fresh placenta to stop bleeding immediately postpartum by slicing off a piece of the maternal side and having the mother put this between her cheek and gums. The high hormone levels cause the uterus to close down and bleeding is diminished.

A placenta that is processed raw will yield slightly more capsules than a steamed one.


Placenta tincture is made from a small piece of the placenta which is submerged into alcohol.

This mother tincture can later be used to make different potencies of homeopathic remedies. This is especially helpful once the placenta capsules are used up or to give to your baby.


  • Encapsulation: $200 (either raw or the steamed)
  • Tincture: $60
  • A $25 ($35 outside of Edmonton) pick up/ delivery fee applies if clients don’t want to or can’t drop off the placenta.